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Why MxPEG?

MxPEG seems to be "just another video codec".

In fact, MxPEG is a video codec. And MxPEG is the name of a simple audio/video container format.

MxPEG was invented by MOBOTIX in 2000. One practical design goal was to have an encoder that works on a standard Intel StrongArm CPU running at 206 MHz, and without any dedicated video compressing hardware. Other design goals were low latency and high accuracy. For these reasons, the MPEG family of standards wasn't considered for implementation into the first and second MOBOTIX camera generations, M1 and M10/D10.

MxPEG was designed to be closely related to JPEG. Basically, it should add interframe compression where Motion JPEG only makes use of JPEG's intraframe compression. This typically yields a bandwidth reduced by two thirds, compared to Motion JPEG.

The advantages of the MxPEG codec are:

Of course there are application areas where MxPEG might not be the codec/streaming format of choice, for one of the following reasons:

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