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EventStreamClient SDK

Status: Release
Publishing Date: 15th July 2021
Supported MOBOTIX camera platforms: P3 platform (x15/x25), Mx6 (x16/x26), 7-Series (x7x)
Supported development platforms: Linux, Windows, NVIDIA Jetson, Raspberry Pi


The EventStream Client SDK implements the EventStream command protocol that is needed to access the camera's EventStream service of MOBOTIX cameras from your C++ application. This service allows access to the MxPEG live streams and recordings of the cameras. In addition, features such as bi-directional audio and access to the raw data of our thermal sensors can be realized.

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Linux eventstreamclient-1.1.0-7-Linux_gcc5.4.0_glibc2.23_x86_64.tgz
NVIDIA Jetson eventstreamclient-1.1.0-7-linaro-7.3.1-2018.05-aarch64-jetson.tgz
Raspi eventstreamclient-1.1.0-7-rpi-gcc-4.9.3-glibc-0.2.19-hf.tgz


Version: 1.1
Status: Release
Publishing Date: October 11, 2016
Platforms: Linux, OS X, Windows 32Bit


The MOBOTIX MxMessageSystem allows actions and alarm notifications to be sent and received throughout the entire network. The MOBOTIX MxMessageSystem SDK helps system integrators and software developers to integrate the MxMessageSystem into their own C++ applications as well as to send and receive messages.

Release Notes

Obsolete versions

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Note: You can download the entire current SDK 1.0.2 package here.
Obsolete SDK releases: 1.0.1, 0.9.1, 0.8.3


The MOBOTIX MxCameraSystem SDK is intended to support software developers of, e.g., surveillance solutions and/or video management systems in integrating MOBOTIX network cameras into their products. Typical integration tasks here include

To assist in solving these tasks, MOBOTIX offers three different levels of integration support providing the developer with varying degrees of control. These levels are
  1. the Camera HTTP API
  2. the MxPEG ActiveX Component
  3. the Open Source MxPEG Decoding Library (C++)
and they will be discussed more thoroughly in the following sections.

The intended audience for the Software Development Kit are system integrators and developers with a background in image compression. In order to reasonably make use of the included source code, solid experience with C++ development is required.

Please note that MOBOTIX AG's regular product support does not include assistance in programming with the SDK's C++ library. However, feel free to contact if you have questions of this sort or regarding MxPEG in general.

What's New in Release 1.0.2

The sole purpose of this release is to publish an updated version of the MOBOTIX MxPEG ActiveX Component.

What's New in Release 1.0.1

The major changes clearly have been improvements to the included C++ library package:


MOBOTIX MxCameraSystem SDK Release 1.0.2
Release Date Feb. 26, 2010
ActiveX Version
Compatible Camera Models All MOBOTIX cameras
Compatible Camera Software Versions All versions

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The HTTP API allows your software to interact with MOBOTIX cameras by invoking special CGI programs via standard HTTP transactions and by processing potential reply messages. The HTTP API is supported by all MOBOTIX camera models and, among other things, can be used to
Note: Please note that these API pages are not generic, but depend on the camera model and software version. It is thus highly recommended to open the HTTP API and CGI Parameters of the MOBOTIX Camera help topics on your camera to find the options that are available.

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MxPEG ActiveX Component

The MxPEG ActiveX Component shipping with each MOBOTIX camera can be used as a plugin in Microsoft Internet Explorer, thus allowing for playback of live or stored MxPEG video streams in the web browser, including audio if desired. MJPEG streams can be displayed as well, but obviously without sound.

What makes the MxPEG ActiveX Component furthermore attractive in regard to integration efforts, is that it can be integrated into 3rd party MS Windows applications in order to

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MxPEG C++ Library

As part of the Software Development Kit, MOBOTIX releases a C++ library in open source form under the BSD License. It provides MxPEG decoding to system integrators and runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

System integrators are encouraged to incorporate the code in their own software products. Since the sources are freely available, potential shortcomings if they should be considered as such can be easily fixed, as missing features for a given specific application scenario can be added.

By using the MxPEG SDK C++ library, application developers have the most flexible access to MxPEG or MJPEG video streams coming in from MOBOTIX cameras. In contrast to the ActiveX component described earlier, due to their platform-independent nature, these classes can be used to build applications that can be deployed on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.

The C++ library basically implements an object-oriented decoder infrastructure allowing for the processing of

In the typical case your client application will feed an MxPEG stream into the decoder, and be then presented with a sequence of all together with the necessary timestamp information for proper resynchronization. Furthermore, entire frames can be dumped in raw RGB or YUV formats, as well as they can be re-packed into individual single JPEG frames.

To complete the package, there is also an optional Qt-dependent part of the library that provides support for the aforementioned camera HTTP API by implementing classes for comfortably performing HTTP GET transactions with remote cameras.

Please note again that assistance in programming with the SDK's C++ library is not included in MOBOTIX AG's regular product support. Note also that solid experience with C++ development is required to reasonably put to use the included source code.

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MxPEG Format Documentation

To help you better understand the aforementioned C++ library's source code, and to enable you to extend it in case you need access to a larger subset of the stream data, our Development Tools package is completed by a detailed description of the MxPEG stream format.

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